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Des Moines Skin Care Services

Our facials are designed to smooth and soften your complexion as it de-stresses your entire body.


Unveil Your Skin's True Glow at CC's Hair Skin & Body


Welcome to CC’s Hair Skin & Body in West Des Moines, where we’re all about getting your skin to look and feel amazing. Think of us as your go-to spot for skin care that’s tailored just for you. Whether you need a facial that feels like a treat, some serious microdermabrasion action, or a hand with acne, we’ve got you covered. We get that everyone’s skin is different, so we make sure each treatment we offer is just right for what you need.

At CC’s, it’s not just about the treatments. We use top-notch products from brands like Bioelements and Pharmagel, turning every skin care session into a mini spa experience. And we don’t stop there – our skin pro will hook you up with a custom at-home skin care routine, too. This way, you can keep that fresh, healthy skin vibe going long after you leave our salon. So, come hang with us, and let’s get your skin glowing!



Personalized facials are an essential part of effective skincare. Knowing that no two faces are alike, CC’s skincare expertise allows her to customize a facial treatment that addresses your individual concerns. She can also design a personal at-home skincare regime for your needs. CC’s Salon uses Bioelements and Pharmagel products during facial treatments, and these skincare lines are available for purchase. Her facials and advanced microdermabrasion treatments also utilize Sonoderma™, Aquabrasion™, and Ultrasonic Skin Renewal equipment.

Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Services may be discontinued at any time.

  • Luxurious Spa Facial By Consultation

    This luxurious facial is designed to smooth and soften your complexion as it de-stresses your entire body. You'll enjoy a customized skin cleansing, soothing face, neck and shoulder massage, relaxing steam therapy, gentle exfoliation and a custom blended Bioelements serum and facial mask. Emerge from this facial with glowing, radiant skin.

  • Alpha Blend Max Exfoliation Facial By Consultation

    Not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

  • Acne Clearing Facial By Consultation

    Designed to help clear up troublesome breakouts. Acne treatments are also available using Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion.

  • Customized Corrective Facial By Consultation

    Facial customized just for you to correct specific problems you may be experiencing.

  • Oxygenation Fresh Air Facial By Consultation

    Perfect for skin that is sluggish or showing signs of age.

  • Vita Mineral Power Facial By Consultation

    Intensive treatment that combines the power of antioxidants with essential trace minerals to infuse your skin with collagen-building nutrients. May be combined with any other facial service.

  • Glycolic Peel (10% - 20% - 33%) Facial By Consultation

    Glycolic Peels are excellent for improving fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and scaring. This treatment can be done as a stand - alone service, or it can be added to any facial or advanced Microdermabrasion service.


  • Glycolic Peel Add-on By Consultation
  • Eye Area Rescue Add-on $20+
  • Lip Conditioning Treatment Add-on $15+
  • V-Area Treatment Add-on $20+


CC’s Salon uses crystal-free, Ultra Sonic Technology for all microdermabrasion services. What this means to you is that these treatments can effectively exfoliate all skin types including sensitive skin without the use of abrasive particles. The final result is a pleasant, painless, and non-evasive treatment.

Traditional microdermabrasion treatments stop at Step 1 from the list below, but CC’s Advanced Microderm technology continues with a variety of treatments to moisturize, rejuvenate skin cells, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and promote skin renewal! Consultations with CC are complimentary, so call today to see how these innovative treatments can bring new life to your complexion.

Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Services may be discontinued at any time.

  • Exfoliation Treatment $65
  • Intensive Moisturizing Treatment $65
  • Circulation Treatment $65
  • Clearing/Purifying $65

    *Clearing helps reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage, and other discoloration problems.
    **Purifying is a cleansing, healing, and balancing treatment that helps reduce blackheads and whiteheads, and helps even out skin tone.

  • Fountain of Youth (Anti-Aging) $165

    Combination of all 4 treatment protocols above with a total cost savings of $95 ($260 value).

  • Acne Treatment $165

    Combination of all 4 treatment protocols above utilizing acne-formulated skincare. Total cost savings of $95 ($260 value).


CC’s always delivers beautiful applications that leave you feeling fabulous. She is an accomplished makeup artist who utilizes her creative skills, precision, and a personalized Mirabella mineral makeup palette to achieve your desired look. Perfect for a special occasion, or a personal pick me up, a professional makeup application can complement your natural beauty or create a striking new look.

She also offers hour-long personal makeup “how-to” sessions, which include application tips and color matching. Sharpening your skills will enhance your everyday look and serve you well when you need to look fabulous for a night out. Gather up your makeup and questions, and then call to set up your one-on-one private training session!

To get the best results from your makeup applications, you’ll need healthy skin on which to apply your makeup. This is one of the many reasons CC’s Salon offers professional skincare products such as Bioelements and Pharmagel for you to use at home.

  • Makeup By Consultation


CC is able to customize an entire facial to suit her client’s needs while recommending Bioelements products for at home use as the client experiences first hand in a relaxed atmosphere, exactly how and why these products work best for their skin type.

No other professional skincare line offers Custom Blending like Bioelements. CC’s clients love to rave about what she is blending in the treatment room and the fact that it can also be mixed into personalized skincare products to be taken home!

Not only are the actual treatment and take home products Custom Blended, but they can be Custom Blended to include essential oils for an even more soothing and relaxed facial experience. All formulated to alter and enhance your Power Treatment and Power Mask to better target.