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We offer a full selection of hair care services including cuts, styles, and coloring.

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CC's Hair Skin & Body

Your Destination for Expert Coloring and Gray Coverage

In the world of hair coloring and gray coverage, the choice of salon is crucial for achieving the desired results. CC’s Hair Skin & Body in West Des Moines stands out for its exceptional services in this area, catering to a diverse range of hair coloring needs.


Trends in Hair Coloring

Hair coloring is an evolving art, with new trends emerging regularly. At CC’s, the latest styles are always available, alongside expert gray coverage services.

Why Choose CC’s Hair Skin & Body

CC’s Hair Skin & Body has carved a niche for itself in West Des Moines with its unparalleled services in hair coloring and gray coverage.



  • Women's Hair Cut $60+
  • Men's Hair Cut $45+
  • Children's Hair Cut (under 10) $45+
  • Bang Trim $15
  • Beard Trim $15
  • Mustache Trim $6


CC considers hair color selection and application as an art form. This belief inspires her to take great care in harnessing the power of only the best innovative and versatile professional hair color. Seamless gray coverage, customized corrective color services, and tailor-made balayage, baby lights, ombre, and sombré looks have all been mastered by CC. From classic to cutting edge, she invites you to enjoy color service designed with your needs in mind. Looking for more information on specialty color services? Detailed descriptions are located below the price menu.

Prices listed below are base prices for the service indicated, and they may increase depending on hair length, thickness, and details of the service to be given. If you have any questions, please ask at the beginning of your appointment.


Balayage will have everyone convinced you’ve enjoyed fun in the sun, instead of working in an office all day. This color technique mimics the sun-kissed hair of summers spent outside, by utilizing a customized, brushed-on color application. Balayage giveyour hair a softer look and less noticeable regrowth, which is perfect for those who prefer low-maintenance and natural-looking highlights.


The modern Ombré has moved on from the harsh color transitions of the past. Instead, this fresh take has embraced the new trend of a more natural look. This color option is perfect for when you want to lighten up, without stressing over regrowth. Ombré is perfect for guests that don’t have the time to come in every few weeks for a root touch up but still want to enjoy versatile color.


The Sombré look is all about a softer version of Ombré and works for any guest. With the Sombré technique, the appearance of dark roots is less harsh than before and the color is more seamlessly melted together. This look goes beyond the Balayage technique and works with more shades and tones throughout the hair to add dimension and texture.


If you’re new to highlights and don’t want to jump in feet first, Babylights will allow you to gradually step into the world of color. This technique gives you the appearance of natural highlights but presents a subtler look. Each foil used requires just a small amount of hair so that it blends seamlessly with your base color. If you’re searching for a low-risk style evolution, Babylights are the answer.

Color Correction

Are you dealing with a color application gone wrong? Don’t stress, because you are in good hands with CC! She’ll take great care in considering the health and condition of your hair when devising the best color correction plan for you. The hair color correction services will diagnose where the faulty color went wrong, and then we will take the steps necessary to give you the gorgeous color you desire. In some cases, the incorrect hue can be fixed with an added glaze, while in other situations, the pigment may need to be lifted or removed. From there, a new color is applied to reach the desired result.

  • Highlights $125+

    Including Ombre, Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, Lowlights, Babylights and Dimensional.

  • Permanent or Demi-Permanent Color $100+
  • Color Correction By Consultation


Prices listed below are base prices for the service indicated, and they may increase depending on hair length, thickness, and details of the service to be given. If you have any questions, please ask at the beginning of your appointment.

Perms & Body Waves

Do you find that hot tools and styling products just don’t achieve the look you were working toward? This is where a professional texture service from CC’s Salon comes in. Whether you enjoy defined curls or you’re looking for extra body, CC’s expertise allows her to tailor a perm that meets your needs. She is also skilled in applying re-texturizing treatments that will allow you to spend less time battling frustrating frizz and more time enjoying silky smooth hair. In addition to high-quality treatments, CC’s has the knowledge and professional products to help you maintain your new look for weeks to come. For price quotes, we recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation.

Curl Relaxing & Straightening

While curls can be a benefit, some people have curls that are simply unruly, frizzy, and impossible to control. CC can help with this as well.

If you feel like frizz always wins and your hair is unmanageable, a customized smoothing or relaxing treatment is the next step. CC will consider your hair texture and your goals when selecting the treatment that will work best for you. Then she will employ precision to apply the treatment, wash, and then style your sleek new hair. She offers several options, to address the variety of needs and concerns of all her clients.

The first is a Keratin hair smoothing treatment, which is 100% formaldehyde-free and saves on styling time. This in-salon treatment gives you smooth hair for 12-weeks or more.  without damaging your hair.

CC also provides a temporary, at-home smoothing blowout service that uses a Rusk, Keratin, Anticurl, and ThermaFuse Aminofursion treatment.  Your smooth locks will last until your next shampoo.

We utilize Thermafuse 450° heat activated smoothing crème and the use of a Bio Ionic ceramic flat iron to smooth and straighten your hair. This service will ensure your hair stays gorgeously smooth until your next shampoo.

CC’s Salon also has other treatment options available. She invites you to call or stop by for a consultation.

Special Occasions

CC’s proven track record means her expertise in special occasions styling knows no limits. You can trust CC’s Salon to help make your day perfect in every way.

CC highly recommends that you set up your consultation early. Scheduling time to discuss your vision is important, because the style you have in mind may require your hair to grow out, the perfect highlights to be placed, body waves, or a curl relaxing treatment to get the look just right. Bring your ideas in with you or ask for her recommendations. When you’re looking at your photo album years later, you will be glad you did!

She can design looks for other special occasions such as reunions, a night out, a family photo shoot, or just to help you transition from your current look to the new you. Contact us today to set up your complimentary consultation!

  • Perm By Consultation
  • Body Waves By Consultation
  • Curl/Relaxing/Straightening By Consultation
  • Special Occasions By Consultation


Removing unwanted hair is made easy with professional waxing services. CC’s waxing menu includes full-body treatments that not only remove hair, but they also leave you with soft and smooth skin. As a highly-trained waxing specialist, CC uses Nufree hair removal products during each treatment, because Nufree’s professional products are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and help prevent future growth.* A minimum of two weeks of hair growth is required for any waxing service.

Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Services may be discontinued at any time.

  • Forehead $7.50
  • Eyebrows $12.50
  • Chin $13
  • Upper Lip $15
  • Sideburns $15
  • Nape of the Neck $15
  • Underarms $25
  • Full Arms $45+
  • Half Arms $30
  • Bikini Line (women only) $30
  • Thighs $45
  • Full Legs $73+
  • Half Legs $45
  • Shoulders $45
  • Full Chest $55
  • Full Back (shoulders not included) $55
  • Tummy $25+
  • Toes $15