Goodbye Dry Skin | A Skincare Transformation Story

Thank you for being willing to share your testimonial with others, Cora!  I’m so happy that I could help reverse the damage.  In her own words……

Before this all started (make up applied in this photo as full disclosure)

The “After Harsh Treatments” shot (you can really see film of dull and cracked lifeless skin here and no oil production)

After 3rd treatment with CC and we’re not done! Oil production is back and you can really see the skin transformation taking place.  Make-up free here with exception to a little mascara.  You can see the shine as layers of dead skin is being lifted!

Thrilled – Elated!!

CC is truly at the top of her league in not only hair but skincare.  I’m beyond thrilled and over the moon with the vast improvements I’ve seen in the health of my facial skin after being treated by CC’s Hair-Skin-Body.  Not only did it involve microdermabrasion (crystal free) but in combination with various other anti-aging treatments and product.  From deep cleansing, massage, conditioning and changing up my skin care regiment with products recommended; CC also closely monitored my skin’s reaction throughout the healing process.  I’d like to share my journey in hopes that I can inspire others, who’ve traveled down the same path feeling a sense of hopelessness about their skincare battles.

In 2015, I developed a rather strange blemish on the right side of my face.  Not a freckle, but a very dark and irregular shaped blemish.  Dermatologists, including a spa at a well-known plastic surgeon’s office, assured me that the blemish was on the skin’s surface and cosmetic only, so no reason to worry.  I was concerned enough that I felt it should be addressed, so asked for some viable options that were non-evasive at a modest price point.  Various treatments were recommended from IPL- to chemical peels- to micro needling.  I was skeptical at first, thinking it was nothing but a profit center, but knew I needed to do something, so proceeded with the treatments options recommended.  Versus treating the worrisome blemish only, they had recommended that I treat the entire face as part of an anti-aging regimen.  So I said, “Sure, what do I have to lose?”  Well, as luck would have it……a lot.

Over the course of 12 treatments during a 24-month span, the treatments began to take a toll on my face.  As a previous sufferer of excessively oily skin, I had developed bothersome and somewhat painfully dry skin, deep within my dermis.  While we were successful at eliminating the spot, I had traded one problem for another.  My entire face looked like one “big scab”.  Not just the top layer, but deep within the dermis.  My face in-fact looked ashy, which seemed to age me by more than a decade.  My face was desperately craving hydration.  The spa I had been seeing had recommended scientifically formulated products including several rounds of HydraFacial’s to counteract the inherit problem, which provided very little relief, if any. 

Out of desperation after refusing further treatments, I changed the formula of my make-up, from oily to very dry and overly sensitive skin, hoping that it would at least combat some of the dryness providing some hydration for my skin while protecting it from the environment.  I also slathered on both daytime and nighttime moisturizers, which the spa had also recommended, to no avail.         

So after 6 months or longer, I simply gave up hope resigning to the fact that I would have to learn to adapt to overly dry-sensitive skin for the rest of my life…… until one day while cutting and styling my hair, CC had asked, “What’s going on with your skin?”  So I shared my story.  She said that she had noticed for some time that my once oily skin had drastically changed and appeared extremely dry and lifeless as though I were wearing a mask.  I agreed.  I could no longer wear make-up of any kind, not even formulas specifically made for very dry and sensitive skin types,  because it looked cakey, exasperating my already dry skin while aging me yet another decade.  I learned that CC was highly educated in not only hair chemistry, but also skincare, so I agreed to let her treat me.  What more did I have to lose at this point?      

After the first treatment with CC, my skin was hydrated like never before!  It itched in a good way, as the dry skin was finally being lifted!  What am I thinking at this point?  “Oh…WOW!  CC really knows her stuff!”  She truly cares, and I was so elated after having false hope for far too long!  At my first appointment, CC had spent extra time carefully evaluating my skin condition while stressing, “I need you to help me, help you”.  I need you to promise that you’ll use the products I’m going to recommend to you, to help treat and normalize your dry skin.  That the treatment alone would not be a success without the recommended products to help balance the skins moisture barrier; when peeling away all the many layers of dead skin compacted deep within the dermis that I had harbored for more than 2 years.  My skin was lifeless and deficient of many nutrients and I feared it might be irreversible. 

But after each treatment, CC would introduce more product while carefully examining the dermis, in determining how my face was responding to treatment for adjustments as needed.  As there was noticeable improvement,  CC slowly changed up the treatment protocol including additional product.  By the 4th appointment, my skin had vastly improved!  The oil production reignited and the “crust” that once masked my skin beneath ,had begun to melt away with healthy new skin cells and dermis now visible.  My skin was now able to receive the nutrients it so desperately needed!

I can’t tell you how thrilled and elated I am to share my testimonial with real and untouched photos.  I feel truly confident recommending CC’s Hair-Skin-Body to not only those suffering from a hopeless skin condition, but to those interested in acne or anti-aging treatments also.  You will not be disappointed!

Cora ~ Urbandale, Iowa