Acne Management | A Skin Transformation Story

Are you struggling with stubborn acne but hesitant to use oral medications because of possible side effects? CC’s Advanced Microderm technology combined with the right products not only rejuvenates skin cells and reduces fine lines & wrinkles, but promotes skin healing and renewal. Acne included! Call CC today for a complimentary skincare consultation, to see how these innovative treatments can bring back new life to your complexion.

Thank you for the testimonial Jamie:

“We are super excited to see the results of the products and services that CC’s Hair Skin & Body did for our high school son. We didn’t want to use any oral medication because of all the side effects, but were very eager to get real results! CC helped our son know how to take care of his acne and with the right products and services provided by the salon, she helped us and he is very happy with the results!! Thank you CC!! We had tried everything and are so encouraged to find something that finally helped clear and improve his skin!! ” ~Jamie