Dream Lay Down Wraps

The Dream Body (lay-down) Wrap was created for very stressed,
tired or ill people. Unlike all the previous wraps (where you are
standing and moving during the entire wrap) the client lays on a
massage  table and is snugly tucked into a hypo-allergenic blanket
that is saturated in our mineral solution. The arms
are wrapped separately to allow free movement.
The Dream Lay Down Wrap has the advantage that, in the prone position, the
Wrap Technician can also use mineral solution saturated pads on the eyes to
reduce the appearance of 'bags' or dark circles and to visibly tighten the skin
around the eyes. We not only used the Digital Sound Wave Technology (DSWT)
which is in all of Victoria Morton’s Suddenly Slender™ wrap formulas, but this
wrap also includes a new technology that uses gravity and the Coriolis effect
to give maximum results. Clients like this option, occasionally, rather than
their usual stand up wrap, especially when they are are not feeling their best
or just need a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
As with the other wraps, other nutrients may be added.    


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