Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is perfect for those who want to look tan but cannot or do not wish to tan! You can show off a gorgeous glow all year round with a personalized spray tan session. CC’s Salon makes it simple to achieve an even, bronze skin tone from head to toe, and she provides a safe and clean environment where you are sure to feel at ease. Enjoy the best spray tan service in Central Iowa. *Remember, airbrush tans offer no protection from burning nor do they produce the Vitamin-D that you get naturally from sunlight.

Airbrush Tan    $45*
*Standard Price; While nearly all our clients fit into the
standard price, some may require special color
formulations which may result in minor extra fees.
Airbrush Tanning Facts:    
To secure your appointment, we ask that you pay for your
appointment when booking.

Quick Tan: can be applied in about 15 minutes and gives you an
almost instant tan. Because of drying time, allow at least 30
minutes for your appointment.

Lasts normally, between 4 to 7 days. The length of time that an
airbrush tan lasts, will vary from individual to individual, but
the life of your airbrush tan can be extended if you properly
exfoliate your skin before receiving the service. More CC's
Salon offers a complete Airbrush Tan at home care kit, that
uses pH balanced extenders and moisturizers that will help
you get the most out of your airbrush tan.
Airbrush Home Care Products    
pH Balancing Shower Cleanser (Sulfate Free)   $14.95
Gentle, moisturizing body cleanser for optimal sunless results.    
Renewal Sunless Exfoliator (Sulfate Free)   $14.95
Gentle, body polish formulated for optimal sunless results.    
Prolong Sunless Color Extender   $24.00
Gentle, moisturizing body cleanser for optimal sunless results.    
Exfoliation Cloth   $9.99
About 36" long to make exfoliation of the back easier.    
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